La Noventa

A few months ago a BMW dealer in Mexico City contacted us to do a custom brand new 0 miles on the clock R Nine T 2017. We have done quite a few R Nine T´s in the past and we wanted to do something different but not crazy (a mix sometimes hard to achieve). One thing I don´t like about the stock motorcycle is the golden front fork, and when something bothers you is something you have to work on it, so I decided to work on the gold color. I wanted to try a style that I havent done in the past like Flat Trackers, but also this bike have to be a street legal bike and I started drafting.

We made custom the back of the bike modifying the original seat, all the parts are made out of steel and we used the original stop light. The headlight was fused into a scuare form front number to make it look like a flat tracker front number. We changed all of the colors in the engine and we painted the exhaust in black. We anodized the wheels and puted some knuby tyres. I chose a metal color green with gold lines, a combination used on the 70's in racing cars and the seat was changed in a tan color.

The result is an elegant, unique motorcycle that can be used everyday and catch all the atention on the way.